The Small Business Corner: Private Health Studios

WE at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and who are creating jobs. And that’s why we want to give them our full support.

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Who Are They?


PRIVATE HEALTH STUDIOS (PHS) is a private personal training gym which specialises in sports specific training, fitness, weight loss and bodybuilding. In their 20 years they have strived to create an environment in which clients do not feel isolated as one might in big commercial gyms, but rather part of the PHS family. Over the years PHS has produced many SA champions, world champions, Olympic athletes, Springbok rugby players, international rugby players as well as Protea cricket players. The PHS family is also involved in school and provincial sports teams to help enhance their performance in all sports as well as helping them grow in their journey. It is not only athletes they enjoy working with, but with weekend warriors and amateur sportsman to achieve their goals that they have always dreamed of.

What Do They Do?

  • Sports specific training
  • Body toning
  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Corporate training
  • Group functional training
  • Conditioning training for sportsmen
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Nutritional plans

Where Are They Based?

PHS is based in Aston Manor, Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

Who Benefits?

small business

YOUR average person looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle; sportsmen and women who would like to achieve their goals; people who are tired of training in an isolated environment without the correct knowledge to achieve what they want to physically. PHS also strives to help corporates in creating healthy and unified employees through a healthy lifestyle and their knowledge in team building training.

Contact Details:


Perren Miles – 083 822 7340

Tristan Brown – 081 035 2049

Devlin White – 082 668 2119

E-Mail: [email protected]

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