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Who Are They?

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LASER ON THE MOVE is a mobile laser hair removal service run by Tusneem Rayman. Seeing many home executives struggling to make ends meet gave Tusneem the idea of easing the burden by giving them an edge and involving them in her business idea. Laser On The Move uses the concept of ‘you ring, we bring’ in order to make personal grooming convenient, while effectively creating opportunities for the home executives to earn a percentage of the days takings by being a host.


What Do They Do?

PROVIDING a solution to your hairy problems! Laser On The Move is a professional enterprise which uses a state of the art diode laser technology (Laser Lux Platinum) in removal of the dreaded unwanted hair. Laser On The Move provides gentle, yet effective hair removal at a fraction of the cost and time compared to other laser hair removal methods. We treat all areas of the body ‘hair today, gone tomorrow’ with no known side-effects, pain, burns or discolouration as the laser machine operates in conjunction with a freezing mechanism. It’s so gentle, it can be used on children aged 12 and up, and can be administered to all skin tones for all hair types and colour, leaving your skin silky and smooth. The diode laser used is purely for cosmetic improvement and not used for any medical treatments.

Where Are They Based?

“EVERYWHERE – wherever you need us to be!”

Who Benefits? EVERYONE benefits, the client, the host and the consultant. Laser On The Move gives everyone an opportunity to be part of their business network by hosting them on your premises and cashing in on a 10 percent income generated on the host’s premises on every visit. Every host qualifies for a free full body treatment worth R1650 just to say ‘thank you for hosting’ from Laser On The Move. They are happy to welcome spas, hair and beauty salons and corporate companies into their business network. Anyone interested in hosting Laser On The Move on their premises should contact Tusneem Rayman for further information.

Contact Details

Tusneem Rayman: Cell/WhatsApp: 062 827 3413/083 266 1965

E-mail:[email protected]

Instagram: Laser on the Move

Facebook: Laser on the Move

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