The Small Business Corner: KidXKatz Clothing SA

WE at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and who are creating jobs. And that’s why we want to give them our full support.

Who Are They?


KATLEGO MAMPURU, 23, is the founder and owner of KIDXKATZ Clothing SA. KidXKatz derives its name from ‘Kid as Katlego’ and was conceived as something stylish, fashionable and creative. KidXKatz is a company that includes different types of T-shirts, caps, shorts and trousers and hoodies and was established in December 2016, when Katlego realised she had a passion for fashion and wanted to make her dreams come true. She drew inspiration from an international designer by the name of Tots who owns one of the best clothing brands around, GALXBOY.

What Do They Do?

KIDXKATZ Clothing SA specialises in different types of clothing designs for both winter and summer time. They give you a great taste of fashion and offer quality clothing in the best designs. Katlego wants people to wear her brand and emulate her. She wants to be a good role model to the youth and show them that you can achieve your dream at any age.

Where Are They Based?

KIDXKATZ Clothing SA is located in Pretoria in the quiet residential suburb of Mamelodi Gardens, only a few kilometres away from the Mams Mall.

Who Benefits?

ANYONE and everyone who loves new fashion and a taste of style. It’s very popular amongst the people of Mamelodi, but other South African communities have also grown to love the clothing line. KidXKatz Clothing SA is one of the best brands in the hood. “Be fashionable, be the option!”

Contact Details:

Telephone/WhatsApp: 061 752 8241

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: Kidxkatz_C_sa

Facebook: KidxkatzClothing SA

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