The Small Business Corner: Dandelion Lifestyle

Dandelion Lifestyle is owned by a mother-daughter duo whose passion is to provide something for every deserving soul. Dandelion was established in 2012 and has grown and flourished, along with Sheila and Shevaughn Nankervis on their journey called life. Dandelion Lifestyle’s mission is to connect with individuals from all walks of life through the things we create and sell. We believe that not everybody is alike, and that acceptance of that is key to a beautiful journey. We aim to show this through our products.

What Do They Do?


Dandelion owners, Sheila and Shevaughn, handcraft all of their bespoke jewellery and clothing items. They ensure that they use only the best quality crystals, findings and other materials in order to offer beautiful bespoke items at reasonable prices. Their quirky and amusing t-shirts designs are always a hit, as they offer something for beings from all walks of life. Dandelion’s kaftans, kimonos and other bohemian wear were originally designed by a dear friend, Geri Smith, who had recently fallen extremely ill, and could not continue with her brand; she decided to hand it over to Dandelion – so, they have started hand making our own kaftans and kimonos, keeping up with Geri’s legacy.

Furthermore, they created their very own 4-in-1 garment, the Bahudha, which can be worn in four different ways. Additionally, Sheila and Shevaughn source incense, esoteric statues and accessories, spiritual statues and accessories, and an array of other items from Bali and India.

Where Are They Based?

Dandelion currently only has an online store,, and are present at an array of markets all over Gauteng and surrounding areas. Follow us on Facebook in order to see what markets they’re at.

Who Benefits?

Every single open-minded, like-minded being benefits from our store. They cater for beings of every descent and background, as they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and experiencing their energy and love for our products, and life itself.

Contact Details

Telephone/Whatsapp: 060 506 1830/082 529 9935

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: DandelionLifestyle

Facebook: Dandelion Lifestyle


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