Small Business: Body Torque Health and Wellness

By Robert Clunie: Who Are They?  Body Torque is a health and wellness business that is individually run by Julie Cooke who is a registered member of the African Natural Healers Association. At Body Torque. Julie believes that using natural therapies and medicines, coupled with good nutrition, is the best alternative to improve health and address illness in people of all ages.

Through her personal experience her faith in natural healing stems from:

  • A growing disillusionment with the side effects of prescription drugs and conventional medicine
  • A desire for medicines that come from nature and do not contain toxic or synthesised chemicals
  • A need to prevent declining health through working with her own body to enable self-healing abilities
  • A need for sustainable continued health and prevention of disease by gaining self-empowering, self-care practices to manage her own health

What Do They Do? At Body Torque health assessments are conducted through one-on-one consultations where each individual is assessed holistically. Diet, sleep habits, stress and other life-style factors are all taken into account so that the underlying cause of the symptom or ailment can be identified and treated.

Health assessments are conducted by means of a biofeedback device designed to provide the most accurate diagnostic results and can also include allergy and parasite tests. Further tests can be conducted on medication to ensure that the medication being taken or suggested is the best composition for you as an individual.

Their health assessments are completely painless and non-invasive and not only include a diagnosis, but also highlight potential future conditions which may arise, empowering individuals to take preventative actions to avoid deteriorating health conditions. The treatments initiate your body’s own ability to heal itself, and may be coupled with natural remedies and a nutritional plan.

Body Torque also carries an extensive range of products that are all 100% natural and are sourced from well established manufacturers that believe in high standards and use only the best quality ingredients. Products can be delivered country-wide.

Where Are They Based? Body Torque is based in Selcourt, Springs on the East Rand with offsite consultations available in Boksburg at Grounded Fitness.

Who Benefits? Anyone and everyone who believes that their health and well-being is their single most valuable asset! Body Torque has partnered with Grounded Fitness and Grounded Nutrition to bring a complete wellness package to the wider community in the East Rand.

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Contact Details

Telephone/Whatsapp: 082 415 2667

Email: [email protected]


Facebook: Body Torque