Graffitiville Merges Graffiti and Accessories


Graffitiville is a passion project founded by two friends Tanya Boshoff and Sharlene Labuschagne who love colour, art, beautiful things, creativity as well as the distinctiveness embodied in graffiti art.

What Do They Do?


Graffitiville aims to create a platform where graffiti art is celebrated, and new and existing artists get to showcase their work internationally. This platform will also be a gateway to the artists’ own social media platforms giving them more exposure.

They will have an online store (website and Instagram) where their unique, original pieces can be purchased. They currently have scatter cushions and sling bags to offer, and other products are in production.

They have taken great care in choosing quality products matching the high quality of the art. Each item is created with lots of love and precision to ensure the client is fully satisfied with the final art piece.

Graffitiville also intends to make graffiti present in our everyday lives by taking it off the walls and making it a part of personal spaces and style – giving graffiti art fanatics the opportunity to own a unique (#1of1) art piece from one of the top graffiti artist in South Africa.

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Plans to expand the brand’s offering to other items in future are already in motion, with designers already on-board to assist the process. This is just the beginning of a 5-year plan, so watch this space.

Where Are They Based? Graffitiville is based in Alberton, Gauteng

Who Benefits? The artists, their loyal fan base as well as anyone who has a keen eye for fantastic art. Art collectors will want a piece of this in their lives.

Contact Details: For more information go to:


Phone: Tanya on 082 856-6507 or Sharlene on 081 810-9432

Email: [email protected] [email protected]

Facebook: @Graffitiville

Insta: @Graffitiville

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