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Graffitiville Merges Graffiti and Accessories

Graffitiville founders Tanya Boshoff and Sharlene Labuschagne believe that 'if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life'. They have combined the works of...

Small Business: Alberton Training Institute of Technology

At @IT they are passionate about preparing computer students for a career in IT.

Small Business: Fino Cosmetics For Men

These Fino male grooming products will have your skin looking clear and bump-free and your beard glossy!

Small Business: Quench Your Thirst And Ditch Plastic With The Aquabox

Aquabox is a planet friendly solution to bottled water which creates mountains of waste and these recycleable cartons make a perfectly good replacement.

Small Business: From The Barkery

From The Barkery will provide your animal companions with the freshest foods, without preservatives or sweeteners.

The Small Business Corner: Glolooks

Glolooks is a local manufacturer and supplier of organic hair care products for ethnic hair.

The Small Business Corner: Dandelion Lifestyle

Dandelion Lifestyle is owned by a mother-daughter duo whose passion is to create jewellery and clothing for every deserving soul.

The Small Business Corner: AD.IT Solutions

Who Are They?  Nhlakanipho Shange is a young, motivated entrepreneur and owner of an out-of-home media and marketing company called AD.IT Solutions. With only a...

Small Business: Body Torque Health and Wellness

Julie is committed to sharing her knowledge and providing everyone with the means to restore health and wellness by working with the innate curative powers of the human body.

ICYMI: DJ Shimza To Open A Business In Tembisa!

DJ Shimza now is investing in the community he grew up in.

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