Are You Dating A Narcissist?

Does the love of your life shower you with love one day and the next week you are ignored? Does he guilt-trip you about the fights you have, and always seems to be the victim? You might be dating a narcissist – or worse, a psychopath, experts say!

Narcissism is often interpreted within popular cultures as a person who’s in love with him or herself.  Stephen Johnson a psychologist describes on that a narcissist is someone who has ‘buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with highly developed, compensatory false self’.  He adds that in our society today mild to severe forms of narcissism is not only pervasive, but often encouraged.  So, before you say ‘I do’ to the man of your dreams to make sure he’s not in fact your total nightmare! Here are some signs to look out for – he could be craze, and not over you!

1 Flattery Will Get You Anywhere – As strange as it seems.  The person who is making you miserable is in fact flattering and complimenting you all of the time, but expert say it’s their way of controlling you. They manipulate you with affection – showing a whole bunch at first then cutting you off until they’re ready to take you back again.

2 They Twist Reality – Accusations are their best defence, they accuse you of the exact same thing they do, expert’s day.  This in turn leaves you to not only feel confused, but insecure about your relationship, or worse, leave you thinking you are going insane.

3 Liar-Liar, Pants On Fire – They get so good at deceiving people with their lies, they start to believe them.  These people are always trying to cover their tract and in doing so tell more lies to avoid telling the truth.

4 Ticking-Time Bomb – According to experts, they provoke rivalry, hate and conflict and in doing so make it seem accidental, this is done on purpose as all they want to do is be destructive.

5 Being The Victim – Always, no matter what happens, they make you feel you are to blame. Experts explain, by creating sympathy narcissists and psychopaths confuse the people.


6 Crush Your Self-Esteem – People that are narcissistic don’t want you to leave them and find better.  They want you to believe that there is no better out there, by breaking your self-esteem.  When they are not showering you with gifts, they ignore, criticise and attack you.

7 They Need Validation – Narcissists crave attention and will do anything to get it – and keep it.  They will even flip your life upside down to keep the attention on them.

8 Me, Myself And I – Everything conversation will go about them, and this will be a one-way conversation not giving you a chance to take part, experts explain.  They make you feel like you don’t have an opinion and never will have one.

9 Mid Games Are Their Favourite Pass Time – You will get caught up in their web of leis and manipulative behaviour.  Try and pay close attention to what they say and do, if any suspicion arises, try and fit the missing pieces together.

10 Conversations Interrupted – Narcissists abruptly interrupt conversations and shift the focus to them, they don’t care about you or your situation.

11 Rule Breaker – People that are narcissistic find great pleasure in violating rules and social norms, whether in a work environment, at home or other social situations.

12 What Boundaries? – They disregard people’s thoughts, feelings, possessions, and even physical space and will at any time overstep boundaries.  They are inconsiderate and insensitive.

13 Always Wanting To Impress Others – Narcissists always make themselves look good and try an impress people around them – even if they make you look bad.

14 Entitlement – They often expect preferential treatment from others; simply put, they think the world revolves around them.

15 Master Manipulator – Narcissists will use anyone to fulfil their needs and knowing how to manipulate is just there way of getting what they want.

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