From Stray To Service K9!

CAROL SKAZIAK could not believe how dogs were abandoned at the luxury pet kennel where she worked, and after meeting law enforcement officer Jason Walters, the two decided there was a place for abandoned dogs to start life afresh. Walters had a K9 partner who was a day away from being euthanised before joining his police department, and so they were inspired to form Throwaway Dogs in 2014, which began training strays and abandoned dogs to become police dogs.

In 2017, Carol and Jason met K9 officer and trainer, Bruce Myers and the team was complete. “Bruce has handled some of our Throw Away Dogs, as his department welcomed our dogs on their team so he was very familiar about our mission.”

Around 2016 a stray pit bull from the streets was taken in by a foster family. However, her super high energy levels proved too much for them.

“They reached out to us and we took Wildflower in — but not without struggles. That was in August 2017. In comes this energetic pit bull that was so loveable but completely off the charts with the energy. … I knew the moment that we started testing her that this was not going to work out, because she evaluated horribly,” Carol Skaziak tells Metro.

Luckily though, their dedicated training eventually kicked in. Says Bruce Myers: “Wildflower, from that day forward, excelled almost like no dog I’ve ever trained. Two months later, she was imprinted on all core narcotics.”

She successfully completed a Narcotic Detection Search in a garage, while off lead, for the first time six days before she was leaving the project. She graduated as a trained Narcotic Detection Dog,” adds Carol.

“Wildflower’s success was possible because of our amazing head trainer and partner who never gave up on her and continued to believe in giving this breed a second chance,” the organisation posted to its Facebook page. “Thank you Bruce Myers for continuing to use your training methods to accommodate the dogs’ needs and making it work!”

K9 Officer Wildflower (as she is now known) has joined the Wetumka Police Department in Oklahoma. She is their first rescue pit bull K-9 police dog!

Did You Know: THE police department in Ghent, Belgium founded the first organised police dog service programme in 1899, according to Wikipedia.

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