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Meddahi The Survivor

ONE of our readers, Maja Dezulovic, tells us of her encounter with Meddahi – a rhino that survived an attack from poachers.


“We found Meddahi with a week-old bullet wound in his head. Luckily the bullet had missed all the vital areas, and after treating it, the vet was confident that it would heal. Meddahi is one of many rhinos in the wild whose lives are in serious danger because poachers hunt them down and kill them for their horns, which are mistakenly thought to have mythical medicinal properties in Asia. Meddahi is a survivor. We were able to sedate and treat him, and he is now registered with the wildlife organization. Should he be harmed, a microchip will assist in the prosecution of the perpetrators. Around 1 215 rhinos were poached last year, and 2015 has already seen 49 rhino slaughters. Thanks to the efforts of game rangers, wildlife foundations and sponsors, some rhinos receive a second chance at life and have become a part of the surviving generation of rhinoceros.”



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