Help Save The Change For The Better Foundation’s Home This Xmas

by Gabrielle Ozynski

Change For Better Foundation: Extend your goodwill over the Christmas period and onward, by giving to an animal shelter in need. Hundreds of people in the animal rescue world work tirelessly behind the scenes, to save animals from horrendous conditions, in underfunded and gruelling circumstances.

Change For The Better Foundation, are facing the challenge of trying to buy the land they are currently operating from through their Buy a Brick campaign. They need the public to buy 100 000 bricks for R50 each, in order for them to be able to buy the farm as their rental lease ends on December 31. Today we chat to owners Annelie and Andre about what they need to rescue their rescue shelter.

“We are a registered NPO, NPC and PBO (we can issue section 18 tax certificates) and have been running for roughly four years. We have done a lot of work in animal welfare for the surrounding impoverished community, as well as Cape Town as a whole. We currently have 250 rescue animals (dogs, cats, chickens, geese and two pigs) in our care, and also look after thousands of dogs and cats in the surrounding community, the Stellenbosch farms (along Bottelary road), Scottsdene, Bloekombos, Kraaifontein and Wallacedene (township).

“We rescue, treat and rehabilitate animals, and when they are ready they are put up for adoption and hopefully one day homed. Our other main focus is education on animal welfare, how to look after animals and the importance of sterilisation. We run educational programmes on animal welfare and care, for the youth, at our shelter and at schools. We also work very closely with the impoverished community members to educated them on animal care, sterilisation and to improve the bad animal situation out there. We like to help the surrounding community members and we have built great relationships with them. They trust us, and come to the shelter for help. They know that we don’t take their animals away and that we are there to help.

Change For The Better is currently renting the farm that they are based on, but it has been put up for sale. Annelie and Andre, who have sacrificed their lives for the cause, say they have first option to buy for R4.8 million. With the already extremely low resources and funding, they can’t possibly afford to buy the farm.

“Our home is under threat and our animals’ and many others lives are at stake. The farm is the home to our animals and adoption centre, sterilisation clinic (for our mass sterilisation days), education centre (where we educate hundreds of children and community members annually), our community shop (which helps our community with low-cost groceries, clothes and basic needs). It is the heartbeat of what we do and the place where we make a big difference in the communities’ and animals’ lives.”

So they have come up with the Buy a Brick campaign and are asking the public to buy 100 000 bricks for R50 each, in order for them to be able to buy the farm, as well as build a wall around the farm for security reasons.

“We will also be running a school competition, and the school that sells the most bricks can win R20 000. On top of that, businesses can buy a wall for R5 000, with the option to have their logo put on the wall for advertising purposes. The foundation relies solely on the public for donations and funds. We sell donated bric a brac at markets and at their community shop, to raise funds, take part in many events, sell basic groceries and basic needs for the impoverished community at a very low cost, which helps them and the shelter.”

If they cannot buy the farm, the couple say they will have to vacate the premises at the end of December with 250 animals and they will no longer be able to help the surrounding community and their animals.

Watch here for more info:  Buy A Brick Campaign.

Facebook:  Change For The Better Foundation

Say Annelie and Andre: “If we can own the farm, we will be able to continue to build up our foundation and help more community members and animals. We will also be able to start sustainable businesses that we have been working on with investors and donors, which will fund the running of the shelter and allow us to do even more.”

Chloe’s Rescue Story:

“My name is Chloe, and I was a victim of neglect, carelessness and abuse. I was a mere 11 weeks old and was one of the lucky ones to be found by some lovely people at Change for the Better Foundation. I was just lying like a piece of trash amongst some rubble, too weak to walk, too weak to even lift my head. For the entire 11 weeks of my life, no one cared, no one helped me and no one even noticed my suffering until these lovely people came along. This specific day, the nice people were in the area helping other doggies, and saw me. They immediately wrapped me in a warm blanket and took me with them.”

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