Help Irwin Animal Rescue Adopt Out Their Last 30 Dogs

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IRWIN Animal Rescue in Walkerville is on the verge of closing down. The property where it is located has been rezoned and will go up for sale soon. They have been given up to the end of July to vacate and with 32 dogs in their premises, it looks impossible. They invite the public to come to the centre on June 17 for an adoption day.

Ursula Wearing, a board member who works at Irwin Animal Rescue centre, said these dogs deserve a happy and loving family especially in their last days on earth.

“We give these dogs a quality life, feed them, sterilise them, warm blankets and kennels. All we need now is a good home for them,” she said.

Desperate to find homes

They are desperately looking for forever homes for the remaining dogs before the property on which Irwin Animal Rescue was situated, is sold. The public is actually their last hope. Even if you don’t want to adopt, you are urged to come and spend time with the dogs.

The shelter’s most important goal is to re-home these dogs in safe and loving homes.

“No animal deserves to spend its life in a shelter. Animals need love and attention on an ongoing basis and, although they provide that in abundance at the centre, it is no substitute for a family home environment.

“All applications received on the day will still undergo home checks so no dog will be leaving on the same day. Please note that none of the dogs are good with cats.

The address is Irwin Animal Rescue, 59 Aloe Ridge Drive, Elandsfontein, Walkerville, from 10h00 to 14h00. Remember there are two 59’s in the street, so lookout for the one with the green shade ports. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Tanya at [email protected] or on 078 199 5861.

Source:  Southern Courier  By Liam-Garrick Tiplady

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