Creating Voices: DJs Play For Animal Welfare

By Vanessa Papas: Famous for jamming up dance floors across South Africa, 12 of our best loved deejays are coming together to give a voice to the voiceless. Joel Cruz, It’s Ali, Sanetra, Laminin Music LIVE, Daze Culture, Bhavs, Inverse Funk, Teddy Tumi, Stallion, Jose Rocha, Vin Groovin, Dj Rix and Danni Lee have collaborated with Shaun Hall of Shaun Hall Productions to present the first of many ‘Creating Voices’ events, which are aimed at doing exactly what the name says – giving voices to the voiceless.

Animals can’t tell you when they are hungry, cold, lonely, thirsty or even just in the mood to just go for stroll so they depend on us humans to give them what they need….and deserve.

The Social Hub at 76 Charl Cilliers Avenue, Alberton, is the place to be on Saturday, February 16, for a day of music, good food and paying it forward.
Shaun has always had a soft spot for animals and used to be very involved with helping various animal charities. That came to a ‘sort of standstill’ when he left for overseas in 2013 to play rugby for Oxford University. When he returned, he started getting back into welfare and began hosting events for animal charities including ‘For The Doggers’, which raised money for a dog shelter in Edenvale.

“Creating Voices is a brand-new concept. Last year we aimed to host our first event, but sadly it was cancelled due to bad weather. For the last few months we have been planning this recent event, watching the weather Gods closely and hoping for bright skies,” says Shaun. “The Social Hub has a capacity of 800 people, so we are hoping for a sell-out. We’ve asked for a small entrance fee and a donation off Alberton SPCA’s wish list – anything from dog food and toys to blankets and everything inbetween. The venue itself is just 2.5km from the SPCA and so we thought it would be the perfect place to host the event.”

Shaun says all the deejays playing on the day were handpicked because of their involvement in welfare issues, as well as their popularity. BHAVS (Bhavesh Ramlakan) is a young energetic and versatile DJ and producer residing in the East of Johannesburg. His aim is to please diverse crowds all over South Africa through the music he plays. Then there’s Teddy Tumi. Growing up under the influence of House, Hip-Hop, Funk and RnB, Tumi has been exposed to a variety of music which has helped his understanding of it. With the likes of Kyle Watson, Kaytranada, CINIMIN, Sam Gellaitry, Oliver Schories, Troyboi and others constantly featuring in his playlists, he is always open to listening to and playing such genres of music for entertainment. Others include ambitious underground deep house producer/DJ Daze Culture, who has a passion for music who lives to please others with music and hip-hop DJ Jose Rocha.

“Many of the deejays offered to halve their booking fee because this is a charitable cause, which is amazing,” says Shaun. “That means more gets to the animals in need.”
Doors open at 14h00 and close at 02h00. Please bring along your ID along as you’ll need this to get through the doors for safety reasons.
Entry fee: 14h00 -18h00: R50 and an item off the donations wish list, 18h00 – 22h00: R80 and an item off the donations wish list and 22h00 till closing: R100 and an item off the donations wish list.
Inquiries: Shaun Hall on 079 538 8590 or e-mail [email protected]



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