No Longer No-Nose Nigel

no nose nigel

Nigel may not have a nose but his following of 4.5k Instagram followers proves he has stolen the hearts of many!

When the 6 week old kitten was found near a dumpster he was rushed to the Massachusetts SPCA.  The staff of the animal shelter were shocked to see that little Nigel’s nose had fallen off. When Nigel was brought in they thought he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. His nose area was discoloured for which he was put onto antibiotics and painkillers.


The ginger kitten was with his foster mother when his nose fell off. She was steaming up the bathroom to help clear his nasal passages when he clawed his face, pulling off his nose and upper lip. Luckily, Nigel was on antibiotics and pain medication at the time of the incident but had to wait until he was at least 5 months old to receive reconstructive surgery.

Mike Pavletic, who performed Nigel’s reconstructive surgery, said that it’s unclear what exactly caused his nose to fall off. He believes that Nigel suffered some kind of trauma rather than it being a birth defect, leading to an infection causing the flesh to be easily pulled away from the face.

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The kitten’s upper lip from his right to left canine teeth was missing. The animal shelter has reported that Nigel barely noticed his injury and was all kitten like other kittens.

Mike Pavletic used a technique he developed where he slid the remaining left and right parts of Nigel’s lip forward in order to close the kitten’s face and reconstruct his snout.

Nigel is now on the road to recovery and has been adopted by a loving family.

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