How To Make Your Side Hustle to Work

By Vanessa Papas

Battling to make ends meet on one salary? Side hustles are a great way of fattening up your bank balance while doing something you love. Aside from acting, Tom Selleck doubles as a commercial avocado farmer, with 2 100 trees on his 60-acre ranch in California. Musician Justin Timberlake not only owns his own record label but a fashion label too, and two restaurants in New York. When Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t in front of the camera, she’s writing cookbooks. And then there’s musician Gwen Stefani who enjoys channelling her creativity by selling accessories, such as shoes, watches, bags and eyewear.

“Last year was a tough financial year for many worldwide, but particularly challenging for South Africans. With VAT increases, petrol price increases, Eskom tariff hikes and rising inflation it seems that everything is going up except salaries,” says Estelle Nagel, marketing manager for Gumtree South Africa. “It’s no surprise that plenty of full-time employees are turning to side hustles to stretch their household budgets. On online classified advertisement and community websites there are thousands of entrepreneurs making extra cash. A side hustle is any job or source of income you may have aside from your day job. You can do this remotely, in the evenings or over weekends.
Some have even turned their side hustle into their full-time gig. A long-standing client of ours, for example, started selling baby furniture from their garage, then a container, then a small factory. Today they have three factories and have employed over 200 people. Another of our clients reached out to us via Facebook – she was only 20 years old when she started selling household appliances for extra cash and within a year, she employed two staff members and has expanded her business to include party hiring,” says Estelle.

You don’t need much to start side hustling – not even an original idea. “Play to your strengths. Firstly, I would look at your unique skillset and resources and think about how you can apply it. If you are the mom who always throws the best birthday parties for her kids, you can use that skill to work as a party planner or caterer. If you have a car and a driver’s licence, you can apply for a PDP and start providing a shuttle service – taking people to the airport or even collecting kids from school. We’ve also seen people with green fingers that sell plants online, or working as a mobile hair dresser or manicurist. You can create an ad for free and start hustling right away.”
Estelle emphasises that it is crucial to discuss your side-hustling plans with your employer. “They may have internal policies that do not allow for additional employment without written permission. Using company resources (including copiers, vehicles, e-mail or computers) or company time to run your side hustle will also likely be frowned on, so make sure to keep your gigs separate.”

Some Of The Most Popular Jobs Include:
Baby-Sitting (R60 To R100 Per Hour): Working parents often need someone to assist their kids with homework or to keep an eye on them before or when they get home. If you are familiar with small kids, baby-sitting can be a great side gig. While you don’t need a qualification, a First Aid certificate or childcare references will go a long way towards securing a job.
Tutoring (R150 To R250 Per Hour): If you were a maths or science whizz at school, tutoring might be for you. Again, no formal qualification is needed but you should be adept at the subject you are hoping to teach.
Dog-Sitting/Walking (R60 To R100 Per Hour): Passionate about animals? Dog-sitting or walking might be for you. This would require feeding, walking and cleaning up after pets. You need to be confident with animals and quite fit if you intend on working with more boisterous breeds.
Freelancing (Skill Dependent): Are you qualified in graphic design or copywriting? Can you design a website in a flash? Freelancing is a great way of expanding your portfolio and making extra cash.