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Cheat The Tax Man – Legally

They say that nothing is certain but death and taxes. Paying tax is an inescapable part of earning an income, however there are some...

Financial Freedom For The Millennial

Millennials do not have very much money, yet are constantly told that they need to save more. 

Money Matters: Make Those Resolutions Real!

Nine New Year’s resolutions to put cash in your pocket in 2019.

Lotto Luck In Limpopo: Someone Is R114-Million Richer!

That's right! The National Lottery Operator, ITHUBA, has announced that the PowerBall jackpot from Tuesday 26 November has been won, at yet another massive jackpot of R114, 242,816.50.

Create A Budget Spreadsheet

The greatest advantage of budget spreadsheets for personal finance is that they fully empower you to see and manage your money your way.

The Highs & Lows Of Life Insurance Costs

Looking into how your insurance premiums are calculated.

Financial Freedom By Age 45

Forget about retirement at age 65…is it possible to become financially independent by the age 45?

National Wills Week: Is Your Will Updated?

WE are all aware of the saying ‘nothing  is  certain except death and taxes’. Morbid as it might sound, it’s never a convenient ti...

Money Matters: What Is The 60/830/20 Rule?

And how can you make it work for you?

Why Happiness Is Productive

Christian Bale, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Lindsay Lohan, Katt Williams, Cesar Millan and Lance Armstrong have all been dubbed ‘horrible employers’ by their past staff...

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