Lockdown #Day5 : 12 Ways To Help Your Mental Health

Mental health issues are one of the biggest growing problems we face every day. According to who.int, ‘depression and anxiety disorders are common mental disorders that have an impact on our ability to work, and to work productively’. Experts say the process of isolation can trigger certain patients’ underlying mental health issue, which is why it is such an important issue to discuss at the present time

Did you know that more than 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide, and more than 260 million are living with anxiety disorders? And many of these people live with both. The theme this year is mental health in the workplace — after all, we spend most of our adult lives working, which can affect out overall health and wellbeing.

12 Ways To Help Your Mental Health
1. Value yourself and those who are important to you.
2. Take care of yourself — that means overall good health, enough exercise and a stress-free life. Eat healthily, train daily, and avoid alcohol and smoking.
3. Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and make you smile on a daily basis.
4. Make time for yourself — delegate when need be, and treat yourself to something special every now again. Even if it is a quiet afternoon on the couch with a good book.
5. Track your stress by keeping a journal and try to find a way to cope and deal with the workload or stress you’re dealing with.


25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate
6. Meditate, even if for just 10 minutes a day.
9. Find a new hobby or interest and stay busy.
10. Stick to a routine.
11. Avoid substance abuse.
12. Get help when, and if, you need it.