Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself

By Angela Bekiaris

There’s always room for improvement!

Well-known fitness trainer Kayla Itsines recently urged her followers to never stop anyone from changing. When talking about change in one of her Instagram posts recently, she wrote, “CHANGE, such a simple word that can carry stress and NEGATIVE feelings for so many women. In an attempt to make someone feel better or build confidence, I often hear women saying to each other — ‘you don’t need to change’ — but sometimes that can do more harm than good.”


September is Self-Improvement Month — a month set aside to celebrate improving yourself. That’s right — set goals for yourself, and make them happen! “Telling someone, ‘you don’t need to change’ when you have absolutely NO idea how they are feeling could actually be more damaging than supportive,” adds Itsines. “Some women WANT to change more than anything, why not just say ‘I’;ll be there for you’?”.

Grow Yourself - Kayla Itsines

And while the Australian fitness star says she by no means suggests everyone needs change, she is saying to all women out there, “to the women who FEEL they need change, that WANT it and are READY, don’t let anyone’s thoughts or comment6s limit you from taking that first step. You are unstoppable!”

How To Improve Yourself

Here are 30 ways to help you feel better about yourself on a daily basis. Remember, you have to love yourself first, so go on and make that happen.

  1. Compliment yourself
  2. Stop making excuses
  3. Practice forgiveness
  4. Let go of anger
  5. Be helpful
  6. Listen to others
  7. Always be kind and polite
  8. Be yourself
  9. Be open to change
  10. Educate yourself
  11. Be respectful
  12. Get moving
  13. Take a selfie to keep not share
  14. Take a guilt-free nap
  15. Make time for friends and family
  16. Track your spending
  17. Indulge a little
  18. Seek support
  19. Learn from others
  20. Listen to music
  21. Check in with yourself
  22. Practice gratitude
  23. Put down your phone
  24. Take a break
  25. Rediscover your childhood wonder
  26. Find a coffee buddy
  27. Get bored
  28. Stick to your goals
  29. Find new hobbies/interests
  30. Say NO