The Low-Down On Pregorexia

By Angela Bekiaris

We’ve heard about anorexia and bulimia, and even discussed binge eating, but did you know that there is a serious disorder known as pregorexia? It’s when a woman stresses about piling on the kilos due her pregnancy, and it’s a serious mental disorder which needs help.
Experts have described combined the words ‘pregnancy’ and ‘anorexia’ to describe women who are afraid of weight gain during pregnancy and who don’t adequately nourish themselves and their developing baby. And while it’s not an official medical diagnosis, it’s real and happening and needs attention. Restricting food when you’re pregnant is unhealthy for you and your growing foetus.

4 Major Dangers Of Pregorexia
Experts share some dangers involved when women starve themselves while pregnant.
• Your baby may be born underweight and develop other health complications during infancy.
• You will be fatigued.
• The lack of nutrients to your baby may hamper its growth and development, which may later result in serious health conditions.
• For some women, pregorexia may lead to a miscarriage.

TIP: If you are a new mom or currently pregnant, take care of yourself – from diet to physical activity, your body needs the correct attention and respect.



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