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Take Care of Your Back

By Angela Bekiaris

Many people suffer from chronic back pain. We share some ways to help ease your pain. But make sure to chat to your medical professional if the problem is serious or persists.

Causes Of Back Pain
Back pain is a common ailment, affecting eight out of 10 people at some point in their lives, reveal experts. Many conditions may cause back pain, such as:
1. Pregnancy and emotional tension
2. Physical trauma
3. Athletic injuries
4. Poor physical fitness
5. Being overweight
6. Overuse or improper use of the back (poor body mechanics)
7. Weak abdominal muscles
8. Slipped or ruptured discs
9. Strain or soft tissue damage, secondary to injury
10. Improper posture

Relieve Back Pain
uhs.umich.edu says the application of either ice or heat to sore back muscles can greatly relieve pain. Ice may be applied at any time – use for 10-20 minutes, placing a wet towel between the ice bag and your body. Heat is not recommended for the first 48 hours after the onset of back pain. After 48 hours, use heat for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

How To…
1. Stand: Improve your posture. Stand with your lower back in a neutral position by standing tall with your chin and stomach tucked in. Try keeping your earlobe over your shoulder and your shoulder over your hip.
2. Sit: Sit in your chair with both feet on the floor and your back against the chair back. The chair should keep your back in a neutral position, with a small but comfortable inward curve.
3. Bend: When bending forward, always bend your knees. Squat, keep your back in a neutral position and go down on one knee.
4. Sleep: It’s best to sleep on a firm mattress with a soft top layer.

Prevent Back Pain
• Practise good posture
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Engage in relaxation exercises



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