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Your Stress Is Affecting Your Skin

By Angela Bekiaris

Stress affects body and mind. Not only do we have to de-stress to stay focused, but the effects of stress and anxiety are far greater – they could leave you looking your worst, too. Did you know that stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive? Stress can also make it harder for skin problems to heal. We share some ways stress can affect your skin, courtesy of
♦ Stress can give you acne.
♦ It causes eczema.
♦ It can aggravate psoriasis.
♦ It can cause hives and other skin rashes.
♦ It can trigger a flare-up of blisters.
♦ Stress can interfere with your daily skin care as you might skimp on your usual routine.

Ease The Effects Of Stress On Your Skin
Try some of the following things to get your skin feeling better after a stressful period:
1. Give your skin some TLC again – don’t neglect it.
2. Start moving – exercise is great for the whole body.
3. Take time out for yourself – have a long bath, go to a spa.
4. Go for a walk – fresh air and exercise in one: win-win!
5. Practise stress management techniques: Breathing, yoga, meditation.
6. Get some shut-eye – preferably for a minimum of eight hours a night.
7. Say no – you can’t do it all. Delegate and be realistic.
8. Get support – your mind, and your skin, will thank you.

Kiss Your Health Hello
Who knew kissing had such an affect? Sure, it gives you goose bumps and makes you smile a little more, but did you know that kissing has got many health benefits, too? Here are some:
1. Kiss Your Way To A Better Immune System: You might think you’re safe from colds and flu now that winter has passed. Think again: viruses are spreading just as fast and furious as they did in the colder months. So if you want to boost your immune system you might want to start kissing your loved one. That’s right, vitamins are great, of course, but experts say kissing should be part of your wellness arsenal. Research published in Mediators Of Inflammation in 2018 showed that molecules in saliva that are exchanged through ‘French kissing’ significantly improve levels of an anti-inflammatory response in the intestines. “Kissing can create an exchange of millions of bacteria,” said Dr Sheila Loanzon, a board certified OB-GYN in California, USA. “By sharing your germs with kissing partners, you are adding to your internal defence system.”
2. Get Healthier Teeth And Gums With Some Smooches: Having a beautiful smile is everything, but so is having a healthy set of teeth, too. According to the American Dental Hygienists Association, ‘saliva production is your mouth’s most powerful natural defense against decay’. And once again kissing is the main topic of conversation. Experts reveal that kissing is a powerful way to stimulate it: “The added saliva brought about through kissing can wash away harmful bacteria on your teeth,” reveals Dr Loanzon, “And lower your risk of plaque buildup.” She adds, “Poor dental hygiene can predispose people to a myriad of health issues.”
3. Lower Your Blood Pressure With A Peck: According to a study published in Pathophysiology in June 2016, with kissing releasing a ‘bonding hormone’– oxytocin, also considered the love hormone – it can translate to euphoria, a sense of peace and calm. Go ahead – you know you want to!




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