Stop Counting Them Sheep: 7 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

by Robert Clunie

Most of us have met the evening scourge at one point in our life. You are dead tired, but for some reason your body simply refuses to shut down. Insomnia can be a scourge and it has the ability to ruin one’s day outright. How you end the day makes all the difference. Your evening routine can either set you up for a cheerful and fulfilling day or one full of frustration and exhaustion. Here are seven steps you can take to create a successful bedtime routine that will give you more restful nights and more productive days.


1. Set an alarm for bedtime

Try setting an alarm for one hour before you’d like to be settled in bed to remind you that it’s time to step out of your day and start winding down.

2. Drink up!

Since you end up going 6–8 hours without any liquid at all, drinking water throughout the day and before you hit the sack is essential to keeping yourself hydrated.  Aim for an hour before bed, so you aren’t waking up in the middle of the night for a bathroom trip.

3. Give yourself a little face time

Make sure to give your skin and teeth the TLC they need. Refresh and renew your face with a mild wash. You should also use gentle products on your teeth that are free of synthetic dyes and fluoride. Taking time to establish and follow this important hygiene ritual will help you feel fresh and relaxed before bed and will signal to your brain that it’s time to wind down.

4. Make notes for tomorrow

Write down a brief game plan for a productive tomorrow. While creating your list, remember to envision the kind of day you’d like to have, how you’d like to feel, and the top priorities you’ve got in your sights. Get it down on paper and you won’t spend hours trying to fall asleep thinking about what your day might look like.

5. Set yourself up for success

The night before, prepare your outfit, your breakfast and lunch, or complete other tasks you’d usually take care of in the morning. The fewer tasks looming over you, the quicker and happier you will be to face the day ahead.  In so doing, you will set the tone for a more relaxed day as opposed to one that is spent rushed and frustrated

6. Ditch the tech and read a book

The light from electronic screens can trick your mind and body into thinking it’s still light out. Try leaving technology out of your bedroom to help you shift into to a calm, relaxed, and clear state.

7. Add Essential oils to your routine

Try diffusing Lavender or your favourite blend of essential oils with comforting aromas as you prepare for bed. Rubbing a couple drops between your palms and brushing them over your pillow can also boost the relaxing aromas and can make jumping into a cloud of pillows and blankets feel extra luxurious.  Use Lemon essential oil to get going in the morning if you find yourself feeling a little too comfy between those sheets.

– Kemble Morgan, Country Manager for Africa at Young Living

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