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Start Eating Fruit this Spring

By Angela Bekiaris
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There are so many reasons to eat fruit, especially in the warm months when they’re extra delicious! But apart from how they taste, fruit has many health benefits. So as you get into spring, start including fruit into your diet for the following reasons:
• Eating fruits regularly benefits your body as they are natural sources of vitamins and minerals for proper functioning of the body.
• They are rich in dietary fibre, reducing constipation.
• They supply ample energy without adding any unnecessary calories.
• Fruits contain minimal sodium and harmful fats, so they are healthy for your heart.
• They are rich in potassium, which is needed to keep your blood pressure regulated.
• They are rich in folic acids not an important nutrient for pregnant women only – known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, anencephaly, and spina bifida occurring during foetal development – but for everyone else too.
• The amounts of vitamin C will help with the common cold, healthy skin, teeth and gums. Plus it is great for the lymphatic system.
• Fruits promote emotional wellbeing. Healthy snacks will lead to a preference for healthy foods.
• They’re a great energy booster: athletes often eat fruit during and after exercising.
• They can reduce your risk of getting cancer, say experts, who explain that vitamin-rich fruits are great for prevention and treatment of many types of cancer like liver cancer and breast cancer.
• Fruits are rich in vitamin C, which helps in treating kidney stones.
• They help with weight loss. Experts reveal that once you start including a significant amount of fruit in your normal diet, you will see a change in your weight and health.

Who gives a fig? You should!Let Fruit Fix Your Acne
Forget those expensive creams and start eating fruit; your skin will thank you. Experts reveal that fruits keep your skin supple and hydrated, and nourish it with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. According to, there are certain fruits which work wonders for the skin.
• Apples are the best option for treating acne – eat the skin of the apple as it has a high level of pectin that helps control constipation, which can be a trigger for acne.
• Bananas help to alleviate acne, as they are high in fibre that, again, relieves constipation.
• Berries have excellent cleansing properties and keep you protected from skin disorders.
• Eating grapes during the day helps to cleanse your skin and body.
• Papayas rejuvenate your skin and repair minor damage.
• Lemon juice slowly eliminates the signs and scars from acne spots.
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