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By Angela Bekiaris: Food Swaps To Reduce Bloating
Did you know that a simple food swapping could reduce your bloating and make you feel, and look, better in no time? Fitness guru Kayla Itsines shares some great swaps for keeping the bloat at bay. We’re already changing our grocery list.

1. Swap coffee for tea: This one can be tough if you are addicted to that morning cuppa, but the fitness trainer says “while caffeine can stimulate your colon muscles, milk-based coffee can lead to bloating if you’re sensitive to dairy.” Herbal teas, like peppermint or ginger, says Itsines, “can help soothe a grumbly tummy. Green tea is also a good choice because it has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help food pass through your system easily.”

2. Swap onion for cucumber: Okay, so it might change the taste of the dish slightly, but it will be all worth it in the morning when you wake up with a flat tummy, right? Onions, says Itsines, “contain fructans, which are oligosaccharides and polysaccharides (forms of carbohydrate). Humans don’t have the enzyme needed to break those materials down properly, which can lead to malabsorption.”

3. Swap broccoli for asparagus: This one might be the easiest yet — let’s be honest, asparagus is enjoyed by more people than broccoli. “Raw veggies such as broccoli, cabbage and kale cane make some people feel gassy and bloated,” explains Kayla. The trainer suggests you try steaming the veggies first to soften up the fibers — and eating smaller portions could help the bloat, too.

4. Swap sparkling water for still: This is an obvious one — who needs the gas, right? While sparkling water is healthier than a a set drink, it’s also carbonated, which can cause bloating,.
5. Swap dried fruit for banana or kiwifruit: “When a piece of fruit is dried,” says Kayla, “it makes the nature sugars and fibers more concentrated. The bacteria in your colon can start fermenting any sugar and fibre that hasn’t been digested — leading to a buildup of gas.”

6. Swap salt for seasoning: Salt can cause bloating, so next time you need some extra flavour add some seasoning instead. “Excess sodium causes fluid buildup, which can lead to water retention and bloating,”explains the famous trainer, who suggests adding ginger which is an anti-inflammatory and helps keeps things moving throughout your gastric system.

Reduce Bloating Naturally
There are some ways to stop that bloat without changing your diet. Here are four to get you started:
1. Get enough sleep: Sleep reduces stress, and stress causes bloating. You don’t need t be a genius to figure this one out.
2. Stay hydrated: You might think too much liquid is bloating you, but it all depends on the liquid.You need water to stay hydrated and to prevent water retention — similar to bloating. “Drinking water is helpful if you’re also wondering how to stop period bloating,” adds Kayla.

3. Get moving: That’s right, make sure to get regular exercise — that will keep your tummy flat and your smile from ear to ear. “Exercise helps keep fluid moving through your body, plus it can carry gases further through your systems, helping to stop bloating,” explains Kayla.
4. Eat fermented foods: These contain probiotics and they help balance the bacteria in your gut, releasing enzymes which break down food and make it easier to paste waste through, explains the SWEAT trainer.

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