Psychological & Emotional Benefits of Playing Sports

5 Simple Diet Tips
Lose weight with these 5 simple diet tips.

By Angela Bekiaris

Sport as we know keeps one fit and healthy, but did you know how many psychological and emotional benefits there are involved, too? We share some of the great benefits you kids could be getting from doing a sport or two.
♦ It Teaches Teamwork: Playing a sport helps children work as a team, in turn helping them achieve goals. This will help them as they grow up, and play a role in the working field when they encounter problems at work.
♦ It Boosts Self-Esteem: Not only will they be in great shape, which will boost their ego, but playing a sport or two could boost self-confidence and allow them to work hard to achieve their goals. It’s rewarding and exciting.
♦ Helps De-Stress: It’s a great way to relieve stress and cut down on added pressure from daily life. It allows kids to let loose and put their all into something they enjoy.
♦ It Gives Them A Sense Of Belonging: Joining a team gives them a sense of belonging to a group and helps them make new friends.
♦ They Learn How To Lose: Sadly, this happens in life. But they learn how to lose graciously.
♦ They Learn How To Respect Authority: Being part of a team helps them with discipline and respect through interaction with coaches, trainers and other players.
♦ Helps Control Emotions: Emotions run high during sport, and kids learn how to channel them the right way.
♦ Help Them With Patience: Practising sport will help them control their patience, which will stand them in good stead later in life.
♦ Keeps Them Dedicated: The discipline of training and commitment helps keeps them dedicated and focused.
♦ Promotes Selflessness: They always need to think about the team, and what’s best for everyone, which helps them become less selfish in life.


4 Social And Emotional Benefits Of Exercising
Just like playing a sport, exercising is great for body and mind. Here’s why exercising could help your mind and social life.
1. It reduces anxiety and depression.
2. It puts you in a better mood.
3. It increases self-confidence and in turn has many social benefits, such as helping you meet new people.
4. It can boost your concentration skills and allow you to focus more at work and in your relationships.

How Losing Weight Can REALLY Affect You
So you’ve lost some weight, and you’re looking and feeling great. But do you really know why? shares some reasons losing weight has emotional benefits.
1. Your confidence is back and you’re not only ready to get out there, but you’re dying to wear that little black dress you couldn’t fit into a year ago too. Now your self-esteem is higher than ever, and you’re not only loving life more but everyone around you is loving you more, too.
2. You no longer need to depend on food, which means life has a new meaning for you. Food is no longer the enemy, and while you still need to eat, you know what to eat, how much to eat, and when to indulge a little.
3. You are happier than you’ve been in a long time, and not just because you can fit into those skinny jeans.

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