Jaw-Dropping Treatments

by Robert Clunie

JAWLINE contouring is the new big thing.

A LITTLE bit of Botox here, a little filler there – what’s new, right? From Kylie Jenner to plain old Susie down the road, it’s all been done so often that no one even blinks an eyelid anymore (and not just because some of them really can’t). But now there’s a new kid on the aesthetic block: jawline contouring! Yes, our thoughts exactly – what?


Dr Nicole Kanaris recently visited aesthetic clinics in London and Monaco, where it seems the big hype in aesthetics right now is jawline enhancement. Fillers are being used to sculpt and enhance both male and female jawlines.

“If you look around you, you will notice three out of four men are now growing their beards,” says Dr Kanaris, adding, “This beard trend is an absolute indication that we find a more defined, larger lower face more attractive in males. Look at a man with a small chin and he appears weak. If we look at a series of presidents over time, one thing they have in common is a strong, masculine jawline and chin area.”

Dr Kanaris adds, “Game Of Thrones, Vikings and many other TV shows demonstrate strong jawlines and rugged facial hair. For women, a nicely toned and sharply defined jawline is viewed as sexy. Specifically when there is a long neck and defined separation of the jaw and neck. One must note, however, that increasing the angle of the jaw does widen the lower part of the face in a woman and this can have masculine effects.

We must be sure to include feminisation of the other features: soft, round cheeks, high cheekbones and full luscious lips.” According to Dr Kanaris, there has definitely been a rise in men seeking aesthetic procedures this year, and it is apparent that  they’re all looking to become more rugged-looking.

But while this might be the new trend, it’s not a jaw-dropping procedure. Well, okay, this one might be, but you know what we mean. Celebs have been nipping, tucking, implanting and filling for years, and that includes having surgery on their chins. The only difference is, now they don’t have to actually go under the knife to get their jaw to match their perfect nose.


Many stars, like Nicole Kidman, have been rumoured to have had work done on their jaws (Nicole’s jaw is without a doubt tighter and her neck a little smoother, rumoured to be courtesy of a mini face-lift). It’s widely believed that the late Elizabeth Taylor had a chin tuck and augmentation. Renée Zellweger looks totally different after a bunch of plastic surgeries, which insiders say included filler to plump up her jawline and give her a fullness she’s never had before.

Stephanie Pratt is rumoured to have had a chin implant along with her nose job and lip fillers. Kristin Chenoweth once had a rather pointed chin and now her jawline is wider and more squared off, which may be indicative of a chin augmentation. Ashlee Simpson tweaked her jaw while in theatre too. And even hunky Ashton Kutcher is rumoured to have had jaw implants. But there’s no need to go into showbiz for a new look these days.

So, how is jawline contouring done? “Filler is placed with a cannula to enhance the look of the jaw and jaw angle, making it sharper and more defined from the neck area,” explains Dr Kanaris. When it comes to a chin enhancement, she says, “Some young male and female patients have a retruded chin. A woman may have a wide, masculine-looking chin or a dimple. We can remove the dimple with filler. Filler can also be added to give the impression of a narrower chin, or can be added to create chin dimple/cleft in male patients.”

She adds, “Age is not a factor. The bone structure is what determines what needs to be done. Correctly placed fillers can replace lost volume. It’s important that your doctor places it in the correct place otherwise they can make you look overfilled.

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