How To Keep Yourself Germ-Free And Healthy

By Angela Bekiaris: Staying healthy is hard enough as it is without having people cough or sneeze around you all day — especially if you’re working in an open-plan office. But there are ways to try to stay as germ-free as possible, without seeming rude  — covering your face with your scarf when Mr Sneeze-A-Lot walks past your desk could cause, well, a little tension.

Eat Sensibly


Don’t give into office temptations like biscuits going around or Pizza Fridays. Not only is it terrible for the waistline, but it also means sharing — and while sharing is caring, this might not be the time or place to have those kind of manners. Bring your own food and snacks to work — not only will your body be healthier thanks to the nutritious food its getting, but you won’t have to wonder if Mr Sneeze-A-Lot touched your slice of pizza before you had a bite.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Not only will this keep you hydrated and active — those trips to the bathroom can burn some calories — but staying hydrated means you’ll stay away from ill effects such as drowsiness and sluggishness. A healthy body isn’t as easily infected.

Restrict Your Caffeine Intake

A morning cuppa is good — hey we say have another as the day passes by, too — but try to keep that addiction to the minimum. Everything in moderation, remember? And hey, let’s be even more painful and tell you to have your own cup, or stick to paper cups which can be thrown away.

Take Frequent Breaks

Your body — and your mind, for that matter — need it. Go for a walk, look away from the computer screen (your eyes need protection, too) and get out for lunch. That break won’t throw you back — in fact no break will when you start to lose focus and become less productive.

Keep Your Workstation Clean

Keep your computer dust-free and your desk clean enough to see the actual desk — you don’t want any crawling surprises, nor do you want to pick up an unwanted illness. Tidy up before leaving for the day and keep sanitizing wipes handy throughout the day.

Be Hygienic

Being hygienic goes a long way in keeping you healthy. Because you might not always be able to get up to wash your hands, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your desk — coughing and sneezing is natural (for you and your co-workers) but dirty hands is not. Stay germ-free at all times.

Avoid Mingling With Sick Employees

While this is common sense, it’s not always the case — and sometimes not always possible. But try your best to stay as far away as possible from Mr Sneeze-A-Lot and his friends who caught his bug during Pizza Friday last week.  Make sure to wash your hands if you’ve been around them or their work station, and if possible get management to send them home to recuperate — and stop spreading germs to the rest of you!

Manage Your Stress

A stressed out mind is just as unhealthy as an itchy throat. Find ways to get rid of any stressful situation — or negative people — and at the same time, take time out daily to de-stress. Meditation has great benefits, as does yoga, and simple, yet relaxing, long hot bath before bed time.

Stand More

If possible try to stand more. According to studies, sitting for 40 hours a week leads to major health problems.


If you don’t have time to go outside for a 10-minute break — although we urge you to try — spend two minutes stretching at your desk every hour or so. Go ahead, give it a try now…. isn’t that great?

4 Great Works Snacks

  1. Yoghurt
  2. Unsalted nuts
  3. Fruit
  4. Healthy Smoothies

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