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How To Keep Your Cool

By Angela Bekiaris

We all saw tennis star Serena Williams lose her cool on the court during the US Open recently, but just like the champ, we find it hard at times to stay calm and collected. Here are some tips to help you next time you’re about to lose it.
Zoom Out: When you feel a threat coming on, zoom out, performance psychologist Pamela Enders revealed after the recent tennis incident. Take time out to stop and think – and breathe – before saying or doing something that you might regret.
Remember The 90-Second Rule: Experts say that’s how long it takes for the rush of survival hormones to flush out of our system – so stop, count and wait. Anything said during that time could just make matters worse, so try to wait out those 90 seconds.

Run A Mental Rehearsal: Think about what just happened. Play it back in your head and try to make sense of the situation before acting on it.
Write It Out, But Don’t Send It Out: Ever want to reply fast and furious to someone in anger – on e-mail or text? Don’t. Type out your thoughts if it helps, but don’t press that send button until hours later, when you’re calmer and you’ve had a chance to re-read it.
Vent: If you need to scream, shout and moan, do so – but do so with a good friend or family member you trust, and who doesn’t mind listening and giving advice. Hopefully the venting will make you feel better, leaving you with little to send out to the one who caused he tension.
Go For A Walk: Sometimes a little fresh air and some alone time is all you need to cool down and think things through.
Find Your Happy Place: Be it in the gym, having drinks with a girlfriend, or just shutting out from the world at home alone – go to your happy place and chill. Just chill!

Celebs With Anger Management Issues
Naomi Campbell: The former supermodel is known for her short temper and violent assaults on her assistants and housekeepers. She was once arrested at Heathrow airport for assault on two police officers.
Christian Bale: While filming Terminator: Salvation his outbursts went viral when he was recorded going off at the director of photography, who’d unintentionally walked on the scene and ruined it.
Nicolas Cage: While in apparent financial trouble the actor was once arrested for a rough argument with his wife and screaming at a cop.
Chris Brown: We all know how this star’s career changed after he was arrested for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna.
Kanye West: Mr Kim K never ceases to amaze us — if he’s saying something silly, he’s screaming it. He once demonstrated his hatred for the paparazzi by throwing a photographer’s camera on the floor at an airport, breaking it into pieces.
Other stars known for their bad tempers include, Josh Brolin, Lindsay Lohan, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Emma Roberts, Tommy Lee and Russell Crowe.



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