Get Mind Happy


By Angela Bekiaris

Your mind needs just as much taking care of as your body. So here are some tips to help you keep it in good shape.

1. Praise Yourself: Yes, you know it. If you can’t love yourself you won’t love anyone else – so pat yourself on the back and praise yourself for a job well done, whatever it may be.
2. Express Your Feelings: Holding feelings in is not healthy. Instead, chat to your loved ones about anything going on in that mind of yours. And if you can’t open up to people, get a journal and vent on your own.
3. Turn Off The TV: Just for a while each day, spend some time in a quiet room, or catching up with the family.
4. Laugh: All. The. Time! Laughing is the best medicine so why not boost your mood by spending time with those who make you LOL?
5. Do Brain Training: Seek out courses, read new books, check out new websites – teach your brain to work better and faster.
6. Dream: Yes, we all day dream, but did you know by relaxing at night and getting a good night’s sleep (and, as a result, dreaming) you can set the tone for the next day?
7. Write Down Your Worries: Pay attention to what is bugging you and find a way to either sort out the problem or cope with the situation.
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8. Exfoliate: You’re thinking, what does that have to do with the brain, right? Well, plenty. A good scrub can be strangely therapeutic. You’ll instantly feel more relaxed with buffed, smooth skin.
9. Watch What You Eat: A sugar crash can cause your mood to drop from high to low in an instant.
10. Chase Away Negative Thoughts: Take a moment to think, or even write down, all the things you’re thankful for, as well as everything you’re looking forward to over the coming months.
11. Take A Trip: If financially possible, book a vacation – even locally. Travelling is a great way to relax and escape. Check out the sights, enjoy some time out and tick a few to-dos off your list.
12. Carry On: Things don’t always go our way, but staying calm and finding a solution is better than freaking out and making the situation worse.
13. Plan: Life doesn’t have to be all planned out, but without any order you will be stressed and anxious. Make a list – even if it’s a bucket one.
14. Find Ways To Unwind: If it means booking for a massage, or just hitting the gym for 20 minutes, make sure to unwind when it’s necessary. And find simple ways to unwind each day.
15. Focus On The Perfect Sound: Did you know that some relaxing music or a meditation soundtrack could have you feeling relaxed and calmer in no time. Give it a try.
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