Shed Kilos Post-Baby

YOU’RE ecstatic about your newborn, but your body needs a little help to lose those extra kilos getting back to normal.

1. Get moving: Do not sit around feeling sorry for yourself. And yes, while a nap is great, use your spare time to move. Walk around the block with baby or the time out during the week to hit the treadmill while granny baby sits. Exercising will not only help you shed the preggy kilos but help you feel better, too.
2. Breastfeed: It’s a great way to shed the kilos — experts reveal breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calories a day.
3. Get strong again: Start lifting weights. With a baby in your arms most of the day, use the opportunity to do some lunges and squats while holding your precious bundle of joy. You can even lie on your back, holding the baby above your chest, slowly pressing him or her up toward the ceiling several times.

4. Beware of extra calories: You are no longer pregnant, and while you should have never been eating for two, it’s time to slow those calories down a little. No one said diet, but watch your portions and monitor the calories of each meal — and junk food, of course! And don’t forget to drink loads of water.
5. Nap: Just like baby needs a nap, so does mommy dearest. No sleep will lead to binge eating and that will just make matters worse. So get your rest when you can.
6. Join mom groups: Not only is this a fabulous way to make new friends — for you and baby — but you can motivate one another on your journey back to pre-baby shape.
7. Enjoy healthy snacks: When feeding baby, don’t forget to eat — but stick to healthy and nutritious snacks like yoghurt, figs and raisins. Make sure you’ve stocked up as going to the grocery store with a newborn can be a mission.

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