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Celeb fitness: Get Legs Like Sansa Stark!

Turn(er)s out this young star is a lot healthier that her on-screen alter-ego, Sansa Stark.  She spent far more time outdoors than her GOT character, who spends a lot of time sitting down to lemon cakes by the fire.

1 Cheerleader Squat And Kicks
Stand with hips apart and arms at your sides.  Stand up, raise your arms above your head, and kick one leg to the side, as high as possible.  Lower your leg back down to starting position.  Repeat, this time kicking your other leg out to the side.  Aim for three sets of 12-18 reps, or try do as many as possible to feel a burning sensation.

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2 Single-Leg Bridge With A band
Lying on your back with one knee bent, lift the other up until perpendicular with the ground, and wrap a band/towel around the foot.  Hold each side with a hand, keeping elbows pressed to the ground, push your body off the ground and try from a straight line from chest to knees.  Pause for a moment and lower back down into a straight position.  Perform two sets of 10-16 reps with each leg.

3 Backward Sliding Lunge
Stand facing steps and stand on the first, place a hand towel or paper plate secure under the foot that is not elevated.  Strongly slide your back leg out behind you, until both knees bend to a 90 degree angle.  Pause for a moment and draw your leg back towards you.  Aim for two sets of 10-16 reps with each leg.

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