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Celebrity Fitness: Build A Booty Like Rihanna

Article By: Lisa Raleigh

 Try some body confidence. Rihanna is famously confident about her body, regardless of any fluctuations. She says she’s accepting of all body shapes, and although she’s not built like a Victoria’s Secret girl, she still feels “very beautiful and confident” in her lingerie.

Keep cardio interesting, Rather than regular cardio, Ri-Ri supplements her running with tae kwon do, running and full-body Capoeira.

Don’t forget weights. Rihanna doesn’t get too creative when it comes to weights, opting for regular old-fashioned strength moves, like squats, lunges and shoulder presses.

Include these three lower body moves into your workout to build a booty like Rihanna: 

Leg side lifts:

Lie on your side with a band wrapped around both ankles. Supporting yourself with both hands, lift your top leg up to feel resistance in the band. Your bottom leg should stay pressed to the ground. Aim for three sets of 10-16 reps with each leg.

Static squat pulse:

Stand with feet apart and a band looped around both thighs. Sink into a squat, feeling tension in the band. Holding the squat, pulse your thighs outwards. Aim for three sets of 10-16 pulses.

Fire hydrant with band:

Position yourself on all fours with a band looped around your thighs. Lift your knee out to one side, pause for a moment then lower it back down. Aim for three sets of 10-16 reps with each knee.

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