Benefits Of Skipping A Workout

By Angela Bekiaris: Yes, believe it or not, skipping a workout can actually be beneficial!

Australian fitness trainer Kayla Itsines says it’s actually good to have a rest day. “You need a rest day and should absolutely not feel guilty taking one,” she says. “Taking a rest day gives your immune system, nervous system and muscles time to recover from the hard work they’ve been putting in,” says Kayla, adding, “Giving yourself a breather also allows you to jump back into your fitness routine, fresh, ready and with renewed focus.”


So here are some reasons to skip a workout and have a rest day:
1. Your immune system has time to recover — “Excessive training can wreck havoc on the body’s immune system,” says Kayla.

2. Rest can help you repair muscles.

3. It can give your fitness a jolt — taking some time off will allow you to get back into it faster and better the following day.

4.You’ll have renewed focus, which is something we all need at times.

5. A break, or rest, gives you some time for R&R — use this time to catch up with friends, enjoy nature, watch your favourite TV show on Catch Up or just lie around like a couch potato. Yes, you deserve it!

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