Eating Healthily On A Budget

By Angela Bekiaris

With the festive season gone, it’s time to get back into shape. But not only is your body still in holiday mode, but your pocket is now officially empty too.
Here are some tips to snap back into shape… On a budget! Eating healthily doesn’t have to be pricey.

Get your eating habits back on track
1. Buy fresh produce when it’s in season and freeze it.
2. Look for any sales or use any points you have on cards.
3. Plan meals accordingly – for instance, don’t make seafood the night before pay day.
4. Do not waste food – minimise waste by cooking what’s already in the fridge.
5. Fill up on whole grains and beans.
6. Try buying less expensive cuts of meat.
7. Keep an organised fridge and pantry.
8. Enjoy leftovers when possible – not only are you staying healthy (if the meal was originally healthy, that is), but you’re not throwing it out either.
9. Shop at the farmer’s market.
10. Always make a grocery list and stick to it.

11. Don’t let the sweet aisles tempt you – they’re bad for your hips, and your pocket!
12. Never shop hungry as you will buy the wrong food just to satisfy a craving.
13. Buy mainly greens – kale and spinach are a great choice.
14. Always choose fresh over frozen or canned.
15. Avoid sweetened drinks as they are unhealthy and expensive.
16. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, stick to naturally sweet food such as sweet veggies like sweet potatoes, or fruit.
17. Buy in bulk where possible.
18. Prepare your own food as often as possible, and stay in control of what you’re eating.
19. Watch portion sizes – in this way you can also enjoy the meals over two days.
20. Grow your own fresh herbs or vegetables.

21. Keep your fridge stocked with healthy food.
22. Always add veggies to a meal.
23. Eat like a king for breakfast – a health king, of course.
24. Replace dessert with fruit – but be careful not to choose fruits which are high in sugar.

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