Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Angela Bekiaris

Eating healthier is, in fact, easier than you think. We share some tips, courtesy of nutrition experts, on how to reduce calories the fast and easy way:
1. Don’t Butter Bread: When you’re making a sandwich leave it out – this reduces your fat intake too.
2. Eat Two Eggs For Breakfast: They will keep you full for longer. Eggs are known to suppress your need to eat as much through the rest of the day.
3. Eat Half, Save Half: There’s no need to eat the whole chocolate when the cravings hits. Have half today to satisfy the craving, and keep half for another bad day. Same goes for any other meal which doesn’t need to be gulped down for no reason.
Valentine's Day Drinks
4. Measure Alcohol: Did you know that alcohol is the next most calorie-dense ‘food’ after fat? Experts suggest you measure your intake — after all, the calories in a vodka and coke, or glass of wine, count just as much as the ones in a doughnut.
5. Stick To Fruit, Not Fruit Juice: Whole fruit gives you the satisfaction of eating something and, largely because of the fibre content in the fruit, will take longer to digest.
6. Don’t Skip Meals: Your body needs food — an empty stomach will store calories. Plus a skipped meal will lead to a binge later on in the day.
7. Downsize Your Coffee: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The added sugar and milk in every cup is unwanted calories really.