Curb Your Sweet Tooth

By Angela Bekiaris

Those late-night cravings are just a killer, we know. But there are ways to enjoy a little snack without destroying your diet. To satisfy your sweet tooth, think fruit first. While fruit is also filled with sugar — and should be eaten in moderation — it’s without a doubt a better option when digging for sweet junk food. Jackie Newgent, RD, author of the Big Green Cookbook (available from Exclusive Books) suggests you resist that chocolate cake siren, and instead enjoy a sliced apple with a tablespoon of nut butter (like peanut or almond) or fresh fig halves spread with ricotta. Then you can sleep sweet, too, she says.

Cinnamon It Up
LOVE to add some cinnamon to your cappuccino? How about you start adding it to a bunch of things you eat and drink? Here are 10 reasons why.
1. Cinnamon may help treat type 2 diabetes: While there is no cure for the disease, studies have shown that cinnamon can help reduce insulin resistance.
2. It can help manage metabolic disease: Metabolic disease is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Cinnamon could have many benefits.
3. It could lower your bad cholesterol: Studies have shown that there is a link between the two.
4. It could help manage HIV: Thanks to its antimicrobial properties which extend to viruses, it could help fight the disease.
5. Cinnamon can help treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: Adding cinnamon to meals and drinks could possibly help reduce the risk of getting either disease.
6. It has anti-inflammatory properties: This means it could reduce inflammation, both systemic and specific.
7. Cinnamon can help manage Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): Many women suffer from PCOS — which could be linked to infertility issues, too – and experts say cinnamon may be a key element to managing the illness.
8. It will help your eyes: It’s known to help with eye disorders, including conjunctivitis and dry eye.
9. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties: It has been proven to fight fungal, bacterial, and viral elements in foods.
10. It’s a natural insect repellent: That’s right, get rid of those annoying flies, bees or mosquitoes — they apparently hate the smell.