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Clue Yourself Up On The Cut


Our loved ones can often appear as though life is tracking along as it should. They engage not only those close to them, but they do well in large social situations, too. Yes, they may from time to time exhibit a spate of depressive behaviour (which is concerning in of itself), but in the cases of some this time of behavioural trait can beget something far more worrying, something that visibly and tangibly illustrates what they might be working through.

It is alarming when one eventually discovers sets of lesions sprawled across the body of a child or a partner. Upon this discovery most are dumbstruck and can, for a while, hesitate to bring it up. It can and likely will form part of a very unpleasant conversation, but it is one to be had nevertheless. A bit of research can help before said conversation is to be had, but one ought to consider that every case of self-harm or self-injury will arguably turn out to be unique.

On March 1 every year people across the globe observe Self-injury Awareness Day (SIAD). The day not only aims to raise awareness of self-harm, but the accompanying mental health issues such as depression that more often than not go hand-in-hand with the practice. People are also encouraged to open up about their self-harm and SAID aims to do away with common stereotypes surrounding self-harm and to educate medical professionals about the condition.

Watch the below video curtesy of LifeSIGNS on what the entirety of the day aims to achieve. If you or someone close to you battles with depression or any other mental health issue, please don’t hesitate to contact The South African Depression and Anxiety Group for assistance, guidance and treatment options.



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