Caffeine Helps Katy Perry Exercise


Katy Perry has revealed that she has a double espresso if she feels too tired to exercise. 

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The pop star once admitted that she sometimes needs a helping hand to get her great figure in shape. “Even when I don’t have energy, I know that working out will give me the energy I need and keep up my serotin levels – so that motivates me,” she says.


“If I need more motivation, I’ll have a double shot of espresso to get me going.”

And just like the rest of us, the star says she doesn’t always like hitting the treadmill – she is often inspired by activities that will get her out into the fresh air.

Caffeine Helps Katy Perry Exercise

“I prefer to go on hikes or ride my bicycle,” she says adding, “my favourite workout on tour is riding around town, seeing the city and giving out tickets while dressed in disguise.”

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