Caffeine For The Win

By Angela Bekiaris

While caffeine, like everything else, should be consumed in moderation, it does have many health benefits. Here are some:
1. It Can Improve Your Energy Levels And Make You Smarter: Coffee helps keep you awake and feel more energetic because caffeine is a stimulant. Absorbed into your bloodstream, it travels to your brain and blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which causes a stimulant effect. This improves energy levels, mood and various aspects of brain function.
2. It Can Help You Burn Fat: Caffeine is reportedly one of the few natural substances proven to aid fat burning and can boost your metabolic rate.
3. It Can Improve Your Physical Performance: Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, signalling fat cells to break down body fat. It also increases epinephrine (adrenaline) levels in your blood.
4. It Contains Essential Nutrients: Such as riboflavin (vitamin B2); pantothenic acid (vitamin B5); manganesem potassium and niacin (vitamin B3).
5. It May Lower Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes: Which is a big health problem, affecting millions of people worldwide. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a significantly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.
6. It May Protect The Liver: Which carries out hundreds of important functions. Studies have shown that coffee may protect against cirrhosis.
7. It May Lower Your Risk Of Certain Types Of Cancer: Coffee is known to be protective against both liver and colorectal cancer. Studies show that coffee drinkers have up to a 40 percent lower risk of liver cancer.
8. It May Help You Live Longer: Coffee drinkers are less likely to get many diseases, say experts, which leave them at a lower risk of premature death.

6 Benefits Of Eating Almonds
Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Here are some other health benefits offered.
1. Almonds deliver a massive amount of nutrients.
2. They are loaded with antioxidants.
3. They can assist with blood sugar control.
4. They are packed with vitamin E.
5. Almonds can lower cholesterol levels.
6. They reduce hunger, lowering your overall calorie intake.

Caffeine And Your Brain
Want a healthy mind? Start drinking coffee and looking out for important signs!
Caffeine has many health benefits (we highlighted a number of them in Health News), but it’s also good for the mind, so pay attention. Or do you need your first cuppa before getting started?
1. It May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia: Several studies show that coffee drinkers have up to a 65 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
2. It may lower your risk of Parkinson’s Disease: The second most common neurodegenerative condition, right behind Alzheimer’s. Studies show that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, with a risk reduction ranging from 32 – 60 percent.
3. It Can Help Fight Depression And Make You Happier: In a Harvard study published in 2011, women who drank four or more cups of coffee per day had a 20 percent lower risk of becoming depressed.

Do A Brain Dump
A brain what, you ask? Experts suggest when there’s too much going on up there, it’s time to dump some out. Next time ideas or to-dos keep popping into your head, try writing them down. Doing a little brain dump every now and again will help you feel less overwhelmed, and more organised. We’ve said it before: getting rid of clutter in your head can do wonders. And while experts agree that it sounds easier than it actually is, it is not impossible, so give it a try!

Early Signs Of Dementia
The early signs of dementia are very subtle and vague and may not be immediately obvious. We share some for you to look out for.
1. Memory problems, particularly remembering recent events
2. Increasing confusion
3. Reduced concentration
4. Personality or behaviour changes
5. Apathy and withdrawal or depression
6. Loss of ability to do everyday tasks



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