Be Kind To Your Kidneys

We can survive with only one, but without both we are very much in trouble. Kidneys serve a vital function in our bodies as they help us pass waste in the form of urine and, more importantly, they flush our body’s blood supply of toxins. Every second Thursday of March marks World Kidney Day – a global health awareness initiative focusing on the importance of our kidneys, how to take proper care of them and to highlight the adverse effects of any disease the organ might contract.

World Kidney Day

It is most unfortunate that we are often the cause of our very own kidneys’ demise. Yes, at times the body fails itself and any form of kidney disease can develop, but there are many external factors, given our very busy lives, that might impact the health of the organ. It is also for this reason that it is not only the most sought after organ, but the most donated one, too. In the US alone nearly 16 000 transplants are performed each year. The National Kidney Foundation has outlined 10 possible habits that might harm our kidneys.


There is, happily, a couple of foods that combat or at least assist those who have already contracted some form of kidney disease. Davita Kidney Care has outlined which foods are indeed ‘superfoods’ when it comes to kidney health. These are all fairly common, too and it should not prove too much of a bother to get hold of any of these items. Some might just be a little more expensive than others, but that is about it. Please visit their website to see which food groups best combats or assists those who are indeed afflicted.

Morning News Today on eNCA has an interesting segment today as part of the awareness campaign. See the video below.