Be Healthy Inside And Out

By Angela Bekiaris

Forget the whole New Year, New You. Instead focus on making good health a lifestyle choice and enjoying every day thereafter. Remember simple things like the food you eat has a great impact on your health. We share some easy ways you can stay healthy inside and out this year – and the rest of your life.
• Drink Water: Yes, you’ve heard it a million times, but we are saying it again – and it won’t be the last time either. Stay hydrated, even if it means adding lemon, cucumber slices or grapefruit to your glass to enjoy it better.
• Don’t Forbid Foods: Instead, eat everything in moderation. That way you won’t end up with a huge craving, and in turn a crazy binge.
• Eat A Varied Diet: Enjoy everything from carbs to protein. Different food groups mean you’ll be getting the correct nutrition needed.
• Steam Your Veggies: This protects the antioxidant properties — microwaving and boiling doesn’t do the same.
• Avoid Processed Foods: Try to eat as natural as possible.

• Request Extra Vegetables, Not Fries: Rather fill up on veggies than carbs. Enjoy your carbs in smaller quantities.
• Stay Motivated When Eating Out: Don’t let restaurants and socialising destroy your lifestyle. Eating out can be just as pleasurable with a healthy meal.
• Eat Lean Protein: Get your protein from beans, dairy products and chicken, say nutritionists.
• Stop Eating Junk Food: That goes for most takeout, sets and crisps: these have calories you don’t want, and will only add to health problems later in life.
• Enjoy Fish: It’s light, it’s tasty and it’s oh-so-healthy – eat fish as often as possible if you’re looking to shed some kilos, or just to stay healthy.
• Keep Your Animals Out Of Your Bed: This will help with allergies, if you’re a sufferer.

• Jog In The Evening If You Suffer From Sinus: Pollen counts are lower at that time.
• Sleep Well – Every Night: We know it’s easier said than done (especially if you have children) but try to get as much shut-eye as possible. It’s the best way to prevent illness and bingeing.
• Spend Time Outdoors: You need the fresh air, you need some vitamin D and you need a mood booster – and the outdoors has all of that just for you.
• Take A Break: Stress levels up? Get away for a while. Find ways to de-stress before you burn out.
• Take A Power Nap: If you have the time, and the patience, take a power nap before hitting the gym or before cooking dinner and starting your household chores. You need that boost. But make sure the nap doesn’t exceed 20 minutes.

• Cultivate Friendships: Friendships at work and on personal level, keep your mind healthy and happy.
• Perform Random Acts Of Kindness: Feeling better about yourself and making someone else smile at the same time is great for your mental health.
• Get Moving: Regular exercise is vital for body and mind.



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