Aromatherapy For Body & Mind

By Angela Bekiaris

We recently shared some of the benefits of aromatherapy with you, but this week we are going into more detail. From relieving stress to increasing your memory capacity, here are quite a few reasons to have some aromatherapy in the year ahead.

1. Stress Relief: One of the most popular uses of aromatherapy is to help relieve stress, explain experts, who explain that the aromatic compounds of many plants will soothe your mind and body. Some of the most common stress-relieving essential oils are lemon, lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot and peppermint.
2. Antidepressant Capacity: Who knew aromatherapy could control depression, right? Well, it can. So instead of going onto a bunch of medication – unless it is necessary and has been advised by your medical professional as the better option – choose to use of an essential oil diffuser to provide an alternative treatment. Specialists recommend using lavender, jasmine, chamomile or peppermint.
3. Increase Memory Capabilities: There are ways to prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia – aromatherapy is one of them. According to studies, aromatherapy can be used as a supplemental treatment to help people recall memories and form new ones. A commonly used memory-enhancing oil is sage.
4. Boost Energy Levels: Certain foods help boost our mood, but aromatherapy is great for one’s mood, too. Many people use an essential oil diffuser to help put a little more pep in their step, explain experts, who suggest black pepper, clove, jasmine, rosemary and tea tree as some of the most common.

5. Speed Up Healing And Recovery: Research has shown that essential oils can naturally assist the body’s healing rate: they increase blood flow and oxygen to wounds, which expedites the healing process. The oils also contain anti-microbial properties that help keep the body protected when it’s in recovery mode. The most popular oils in this case are buckthorn, calendula, lavender and rosehip.
6. Alleviate Headaches: Aromatherapy is a good homeopathic solution that will contain your headache and reduce the stress or anxiety that accompanies a headache, say sources. Use sesame oils, avocado, coconut peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus and sandalwood.
7. Powerful Sleep Aid: Powerful natural oils can also help realign your circadian rhythm — the most common oils for improving sleep are jasmine, chamomile, lavender, sweet marjoram and ylang ylang.
8. Enhance Immune System: Stay healthy and keep your immune system in check with lemon, eucalyptus, oregano, frankincense and peppermint.
9. Pain Relief: Aromatherapy provides relief for many ailments. With the help of lavender, clary sage, rosemary, juniper or peppermint, you can alleviate many aches and pains.
10. Improve Digestion: Citrus oils can successfully resolve common digestive conditions. The most common digestive improvement oils are ginger, chamomile, clary sage, lavender and fennel.



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