9 Warning Signs Of Dementia

Elder Abuse

By Angela Bekiaris
Elder Abuse
Doctors suggest you go through the following checklist should you, or someone you love, be showing signs of dementia.
1. Memory Loss: We all forget things from time to time – like where we put our cellphone or the car keys. But a person with dementia may forget things more often or not remember them at all.
2. Difficulty With Tasks: When someone gets distracted completing a task or following certain steps, this could be s sign of dementia.
3. Disorientation: A person with dementia may have difficulty finding their way to a familiar place or feel confused about where they are, or think they are back in some past time of their life, explain experts.
4. Language Problems: Ever have trouble finding the right words? If this happens often it might be something to check out. Struggling to finish sentences or substituting certain words is a sign.
5. Changes In Abstract Thinking: Experts explain that a person with dementia may have trouble knowing what certain numbers mean or what to do with them.
6. Poor Judgement: Making decisions might become difficult – and these can be simple decisions such as what to wear.
7. Poor Spatial Skills: A person with dementia may have difficulty judging distance or direction when driving a car.
8. Mood, Personality Or Behaviour Changes: Dementia often brings on rapid mood swings, confusion or the propensity to withdraw.
9. Loss Of Initiative: Losing interest in activities once enjoyed could be a clue that something is wrong.
Elder Abuse
Lifestyle Vs Health
Sometimes our lifestyle choices – which include our professional life – affect our physical and emotional health. We tend to overextend ourselves and take on too many responsibilities, which in turn affects us, physically and emotionally.

When your lifestyle affects your mental and emotional wellbeing, you may start to feel:
• Anxious
• Stressed
• Angry
• Lonely
• Guilty
• Overwhelmed
• Frustrated
• Hopeless
• Inadequate
• Incompetent

When it affects your physical wellbeing, you may experience:
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Muscle tension/pain
• Headaches
• Digestive issues
• Cardiovascular disease
• A change in sex drive