25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate

By Angela Bekiaris

From your brain, to your lifestyle, eating habits and relationships, meditation can help everyone deal with individual needs. We look at some of the many scientific benefits it offers, courtesy of liveanddare.com.

25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate
1. Meditation decreases depression. It’s a great way to help ease depression and treat it, say experts, to a similar degree as anti depressant drug therapy.
2. It helps treat depression in moms to-be: Post-partum depression is not only common, but very hard to deal with. Experts say meditating could help. According to liveanddare.com, ‘high-risk pregnant women who participated in a ten-week mindfulness yoga training saw significant reductions in depressive symptoms’, revealed a University of Michigan Health System pilot feasibility study. The mothers-to-be also reportedly showed more intense bonding with their babies in the womb.
3. Meditation helps regulate mood and anxiety disorders: It is a great way to treat anxiety.
4. It reduces stress and anxiety in general.
5. Studies have shown that meditation helps reduce symptoms of panic disorder.

25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate
6. It increases grey matter concentration in the brain.
7. It helps reduce alcohol and substance abuse.
8. Meditation improves your focus and attention.
9. It has been proven to help you work under stress, improving decision making.
10. Meditation gives you mental strength and emotional intelligence.
11. It helps you deal with pain. It reportedly makes you stronger against pain, with experts revealing that it can in some instances help relieve pain better than morphine.

25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate
12. Meditation helps manage Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
13. It increases ability to keep focus in spite of distractions.
14. It improves learning, memory and self awareness.
15. It has been shown to improve one’s mood and psychological well being.
16. It reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, and reduces blood pressure.
17. Meditation helps prevent asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.
18. It can help treat premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms.
19. Mediation helps prevent Alzheimer’s and premature death.
20. Studies show that it may even help treat HIV.

25 Scientific Reasons To Meditate
21. Psoriasis can be treated with mediation too. It won’t cure it but help treat and ease the pain and discomfort.
22. Meditation improves one’s levels of empathy and positive relationships.
23. It helps increase feelings of compassion and decreases worry.
24. Mindfulness meditation decreases feelings of loneliness.
25. It reduces emotional eating, say experts in the field, who add that it can help also help practioners prevent obesity.

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