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2019: New Year, New You

Stop striving for perfection — you don’t have to be the best athlete or the most toned person in the gym. Focus on yourself, set realistic goals and give yourself and your body some time to reach them.

  1. Start doing something — you can’t go from being a couch potato to running a marathon, but you can start doing moving in one way for another. Fortune favours those who get off the sidelines and start participating, they say.
  2. Be smart in your new lifestyle — that means focus on what counts and what works for you. Remember this is not a two-week crash diet, it’s a lifestyle change — work around your usual schedule and chores and fit in programmes that suit YOU!
  3. Don’t be overly ambitious — experts explain that this will cause you to quit. You can’t quit carbs and train seven days a week in the first week. Be ambitious, but realistic and patient, too.

  5. Stop making excuses — yes, we’ve all done it (more than once). If you want a new you, YOU need to start making changes.
  6. Avoid energy vampires — experts say ‘half the battle to achieving your fitness goals and living a rich life is taking control of your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness’. They describe energy vampires as the group of people who can wreak havoc on your goals; those who leave you you deflated, pessimistic, and even hopeless after being around them for a certain time period.

  8. Be committed — good things come to those who wait, but also those who work hard. Be committed to your new eating plan and exercise programmed — and enjoy it.
  9. Abandon the ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude — it’s not about doing it all in one week and seeing results immediately. It’s about setting realistic goals, and having bad days, and even weeks but still pushing through. You want to improve your fitness level, not end up quitting exercise all together.
  10. Be efficient — diarise your workout in as if you would an important meeting. Pack your bags the night before, start your yoga class on time, stick to a specific weekly exercise schedule and you’ll see how addicted you’ll get to the new lifestyle which is allowing you to burn calories, tone up and smile while doing it.
  11. Make exercise fun and easy —you don’t have to of 50 push-ups to get fit. Find activities you enjoy, and make them fun by playing awesome music, exercising with a friend, buying some new gym gear etc.
  12. Train at home — whether you can make the gym or not, do some of your training at home. Get yourself some kettlebells or a pilates ball and get moving. And if that’s too much, just start squatting, lunging and planking around the house. You’ll thank us.
  13. Exercises buddies are so much fun — this could be your time to catch up with your bestie while you both sweat it out for an hour a day. Just think about how much gossip you’l get in during that quality time — and you won’t be doing it over cappuccinos and cake.

Did You Know?

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Rafaeli has a kick-butt workout — literally. According to reports, Rafaeli’s trainer takes her through different martial-arts style kicking sequences that work the abs, butt, and legs. After all, kickboxing is a calorie-blasting powerhouse workout for the whole body.



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