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10 Ways to Detox the Mind


By Angela Bekiaris

We know you’re planning on detoxing the body after the holidays, but why don’t you start with the mind now — and hey, you might not even need that much of a body detox if you do things right.
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1. Travel: If you can, book a vacay. Use this time to put your feet up, and stay away from the digital world as much as possible.
2. Identify your tethers: Experts say ‘the problems that are in front of you are actually behind you, they are cracks in your foundation that are holding you back’. Advice is, stop trying to dismantle symptoms, go back and identify the causes.
3. Go for a long drive: Let your mind wander a little. But please, don’t wander off so much that you cause an accident.
4. Rearrange your furniture: Experts suggest this as a good way to free the mind a little. Changing things around a bit will change how you think and how you feel.
5. Do a mental purge: Jot down your feelings, talk to those closest to you. It’s time to stop clogging the head!

6. Write down what you hate about other people: This could help you deal with many issues, which could be coming from past experiences, or personal matters.
7. Restructure your digital life: Start following positive groups, delete negative people and spend only the time needed online.
8. Emotionally cleanse your space: Go through your cupboards and your home and throw away items which have strong emotional connections. Start letting go of the past and focus on the present and the future.
9. Exercise your brain: Do puzzles, learn a new language, get your brain working and focusing.
10. Identify what your addictions are keeping you distracted from: According to experts, ‘addiction is a disconnection from yourself, and a disconnection from yourself is born of something present that you (think) you can’t face’.



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