Watch: Clover’s Cream O’Naise Guinness World Records attempt with celebrity chef Nti.

Clover has been in planning for months to break a 4 kilometre long “Longest Line of Sandwiches record which would have utilised 420 litres of Cream O’Naise mayonnaise, 16 000 25cm baguettes, 64 800 slices of Clover Cheese, 810kgs (or 80 000) slices of tomatoes and 1 650 heads of lettuce,” explains Clover Senior Brand […]

Peppermint Oil For Nausea And Headache

By Angela Bekiaris Headaches (and worse, migraines) can be really annoying – especially when they bring on nausea. But we might be able to help with that. Did you know that some peppermint oil could help you during your suffering? According to studies, peppermint oil is a good home remedy for nausea and headaches as […]

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