Go Turquoise For The Elderly

Old Couple

May 15 to June 15, 2016 focuses on a great cause – going turquoise for the elderly. So what is this all about, you ask? Project 21 launched a campaign entitled Go Turquoise For The Elderly so that the media, local and civil councils, churches, schools, NGOs, old age homes and all other organisations participate to show that they have the wellbeing of the elderly at heart.

Go Turquoise For The Elderly

According to goturquiose.co.za, all South Africans are therefore requested to wear turquoise-coloured clothing and displaying ribbons and other items in turquoise wherever possible.

Did You Know?

Goturquoise.co.za shares some interesting facts about the elderly in SA:

  • There are currently just over 2.75 million elderly persons (65+ years of age) in our country, of which one million are already over the age of 75.
  • Only a small number of older persons will get housing and care in old age homes or other places of care.
Spot depression in the elderly

Old people are a precious gift. Help spot signs of depression in the elderly.

Caring For The Elderly

We share five great tips when caring for the elderly:

  1. Keep them active if possible
  2. Make sure they’re independent but at the same time know you’re there for them if they need you
  3. Talk to them and show them respect
  4. Always listen to what they have to say
  5. Don’t be afraid to hire a health care professional to help out when need be


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