Easter Basket Gift Ideas!

WHY not give your Easter gift the personal touch make up your own fabulous basket for your loved one this Easter! Here is some inspiration which you can adapt to their taste and liking!

edible terrerarium easter

HIM OR HER: Edible Terrarium
Make an Easter version of a terrarium. Fill glass Mason jars with a layer of chocolate rocks or pieces of chocolate covered nougat, followed by edible grass, candy coated eggs and marshmallow and chocolate bunnies. Tie with a colourful ribbon and attach a pretty card.


easterwooden box

HIM OR HER: Organic Easter Box
SPRAY paint an old wooden crate in your desired colour (or leave plain). Let dry, and attach a cute pennant banner to the front. To make the banner, cut triangles from black cardstock or scrapbook paper, and write a letter on each triangle using a chalkboard pen. Glue the pennants to a strand of baker’s twine, and tie or glue the twine ends to the crate. Fill the box with wine, glasses and Easter bunnies and eggs.

easter colander

HER: Gold Colander
ADD some sparkle to your Easter celebration. Spray paint an old colander in metallic gold, and fill it with gold grass filler and Easter bunnies and eggs and a variety of sweets.

metallic egg

HER: Golden Easter Basket
CREATE a basket display that resembles a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Metallic eggs, sprayed with edible food colouring, nestled in a bed of spray-painted hay in a decorated basket. For an elegant finishing touch, tie a pretty ribbon bow on either side of the basket.

paper flowereasterbasket

HER: Paper Flower Or Real Flower Basket
PAPER flowers or real flowers for that matter, can be used to decorate a basket to give it that extra special touch – then fill with a variety of sweets, chocolates and Easter bunnies and eggs.

Easter-Basketsm toiletries

HIM: Toiletries Extra
APART from the usual Easter goodies, surprise him with a  basket filled with his favorite razors, cream, and aftershave. Other grooming products can include cologne, deodorant, and a nice shower gel.

manliness easter

HIM: The Non-Sweet Tooth
IF he’s not a sweet tooth guy: Grab a case of your guy’s favourite beer, cut open the top and remove half of the beer. Put them in the fridge for him so they’re nice and cold, and fill the newly empty space in the box with some biltong, crisps and pretzels. What guy wouldn’t love a basket made out of a case of beer?

Laid table with Easter decoration, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Laid table with Easter decoration, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

HIM and HER: Easter Tea For Two:
SET the table with a vase of fresh flowers and sprinkle a pastel coloured paper tablecloth with edible glitter and arrange pretty coloured twine around the plates – appropriate for Easter tea time. Serve  scones, little sandwiches and some Easter eggs and bunnies.

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