Celebrating World Meditation Day

World Meditation Day is a call to the world to take time to participate in this millennia-old practice and clear our minds, remembering that we are people first, and workers second. In today’s world meditation is vital regardless of whether you’re a spiritual person or not, the frantic hustle and bustle of daily activity prevent many of us from ever having a moments peace. Celebrating World Meditation Day is best done by setting some time aside for yourself to clear your mind and relax. How meditation looks can vary broadly from person to person, with some preferring physical activity accompanying their practice (often Yoga or other exercise oriented activities) while others prefer to sit and take their ease.

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Meditation and awareness
At its simplest level, meditation is a special method of relaxing the mind and body. It teaches you to let go, allowing your mind to become still and clear from any thought from the day that may be stressing you out. Meditation is known to have the power to fight stress and tiredness as it increases physical and mental energy. It can help treat medical conditions such as high blood pressure, migraines and tension headaches. It will increase the feeling of stability, which is important in our very complex and busy lives, often leaving us with a feeling of nervousness and tension.

There are many different schools and classes that have different techniques and ways of achieving the same result. Often classes begin with teaching the mindfulness of breathing. This is achieved by counting your breath, becoming aware of the air coming in and going out of your body.


Elementary meditation resembles deep relaxation, bringing on changes in the brainwaves which lead to improved memory and concentration.

Try It Yourself
Although meditation involves breathing, it is not a breathing exercise, it’s an exercise in awareness. You will use the awareness of breathing in and out as a focus of your attention. With practice, this will have your mind and body relaxed.

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Find a quiet place and sit comfortably on a chair or lay down on your back on the floor. Close your eyes. Take in 2-3 breaths, letting out all the air in your lungs completely each time. As you breath in and out, count each breath silently to yourself until you reach the tenth breath, then start again. If you loose track, don’t worry, just start again. Do this for 1—15 minutes a day and you should see some calming results in the weeks to follow.

Don’t worry about getting distracted by thoughts such as your doctors appointment the next day. This is normal, just bring your attention back to your breathing.

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This can be challenging at first as we are not accustomed to such mental peace in our day to day lives, but with practice, you too will be able to enjoy the benefits of regular meditation!